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14 LinkedIn Marketing Tips

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₁DemandWave 2017 state of B2B Digital Marketing Report; ₂LinkedIn Audience 360 study

Every second, two new professionals sign up for LinkedIn, that and all other LinkedIn statistics are the reasons to use LinkedIn to generate new leads.

This article includes tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn efforts with focus on four primary aspects:

  • Personal LinkedIn Profile
  • Company LinkedIn Page
  • LinkedIn Outreach
  • LinkedIn Paid Advertising

Personal LinkedIn profile

1. Use a professional photo

Use a high-quality, appropriate and professional photo, preferably 400 x 400 pixels, that portrays your personality.

Use a high-quality background picture that shows something meaningful about you, your company or your industry. The optimal size for your background image is 1584 x 396 pixels.

2. Keep your profile updated

Make sure that each section is filled out & up to date with your current job, engaging and to the point headline, relevant and impressive work experience, education, skills & endorsements, recommendations, accomplishments and interests are a must. Tip – In the upper-right corner of your profile, you’ll see “Edit public profile and URL.” Click it. This is a chance to tighten and personalise your URL, which will make you easier to find through search engines. Best practice is to use your name.

3. Connect

Connections with the right people are an important part of LinkedIn marketing. When you post, share or like content, your connections & followers will be able interact those posts. This will help you drive traffic to your website and find relevant leads.

4. Encourage your co-workers to optimize their profiles as well

While marketing & sales employees usually leads the charge, getting other employees engaged can be beneficial to your LinkedIn marketing efforts as well.

While executives can help raise brand awareness & promote your company, technical staff can promote themselves as thought leaders in your industry.

5. LinkedIn Pulse

Using LinkedIn´s blogging platform is an excellent way to position yourself as industry leader and get more followers and connections. By embedding relevant links in your posts, you´ll lead the readers back to your website, increasing your traffic and promoting your lead-generation efforts.

LinkedIn company page

Company page represents your company as a whole and it is a great resource for your marketing, sales and recruitment efforts. It is important aspect of your overall LinkedIn marketing strategy and should be tailored to fit your branding. The same best practices that you use on your profile page will apply here, with few extra tips.

6. Page optimization

Your company page should be nice and neat. Professional logo, banner image and details about your company will help people to become familiar with your company. Add a custom button to drive business actions through your LinkedIn page, whether it is link to your website, contact form, or registration page. URL of your LinkedIn company page is automatically generated, to further optimize your page, you can change the URL in page settings, this will make your company page easier to find through search engines, best practice is to use your company name.

Link example:

7. Share relevant content

Sharing relevant content on your LinkedIn company page is crucial. This will help you position yourself as an industry leader. When followers engage with your posts, it will help you drive relevant traffic to your website, generate new leads and boost your social reach as your content spreads.

8. Invite connections

Inviting your connections to follow your LinkedIn company page is a great way to increase your followers. However, we recommend to send page invitations only to connections who are likely to be interested in your page. Spamming invites to connections that will not find your page relevant is no bueno.

LinkedIn outreach

When it comes to prospecting, qualifying and closing deals, LinkedIn is your go-to platform. What separates LinkedIn from another social media platforms is its focus on B2B and professional relationships. According to survey data from 2016, 65 percent of B2B companies say they have acquired customers through LinkedIn.

The question is not whether you should use LinkedIn for outreach, question is how:

9. Search

LinkedIn search is insanely effective tool which help you quickly analyse and contact protentional leads, and you can be extremely specific. If your customer persona is self-employed, bilingual professional in the United Kingdom who has previous work experience as UX Designer for a major tech company, you will find him / her with laser-like accuracy.

After you narrow down your list of potential prospects, it is important to personalize your Connection requests / InMail messages and make them short & simple.

If you are serious with your LinkedIn efforts, it is worth to consider subscribing to Sales Navigator which gets you access to features like advanced lead and company search, extended LinkedIn network access, who´s viewed your profile, free monthly InMail messages and much more.

10. Leverage groups

Another way to connect with potential leads on LinkedIn is by searching for groups focused on your industry / niche. Joining relevant groups gives you an avenue to start discussions, ask or answer questions which will help you build your reputation, promote your company and connect with potential prospects.

If you cannot find relevant group for your niche, or if you want to provide a curated window for your audience to communicate about your company/product/service starting your own group is a good option. Group ownerships will help you stand out as a leader in your industry.

LinkedIn Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is one of the most interesting marketing features that LinkedIn has to offer. As mentioned before, you can be extremely specific with your targeting based on wide breadth of demographic data that users provide LinkedIn with. There are a few different options, depending on your goals you can choose between Sponsored InMail, Text Advertisements and Sponsored Updates.

A few things to keep in mind while advertising on LinkedIn:

11. Compelling copy is a must

Like any paid advertisement, LinkedIn ads performs best with compelling, well-tailored ad copy. You´ll want to make sure that when your target audience sees your ad, they´ll have clear idea of what value they´re getting by clicking on your ad.

12. Include an engaging image

Make sure to include clear, interesting, high-quality image that will catch the attention of your target audience. Beware of low-quality images / pictures, this will come across as pixelated and unprofessional, always preview your ads before publishing.

13. Experiment with targeting

LinkedIn advertising features offer a huge variety of targeting options, You can add filters such as job title, industry, location, you can even target companies based on their name, if you want to be very specific.

Moderation is the key here. If you narrow it down too much, you will miss out on a valuable audience. However, if you´re targeting too many people, you will be wasting your precious € on clicks from unqualified / uninterested users. It can get tricky, that is why it´s important to regularly review your campaigns and experiment with different audiences to see which options perform best.

14. Optimize regularly

Just like any other PPC campaign, it´s important to review your LinkedIn Paid campaign’s performance as well. To make sure your campaigns are performing to the best of their ability, you have to update, test and optimize regularly.

Consider switching your copy, CTA or image from time to time to make sure that a particular aspect of your ads is not hurting its performance.

Final Thoughts

These best practices will help you out to step up your LinkedIn marketing game. Whether you´re promoting you company on LinkedIn via organic content and outreach or using paid advertising, LinkedIn can provide you and your company with new opportunities to create awareness, increase traffic and generate new leads.

Hopefully, this guide has given you better insight into how to navigate through LinkedIn and why this platform is so important for B2B companies.

Whatever your goal on LinkedIn is, feel free to contact us, we´d love to help!